My Faithful Assistant

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Programs Designed to Build Your Business:

Please note: our programs to purchase are currently two years old and are in the process of getting a face-lift ;).

In the meantime, our two year old programs are still available for purchase. Please use the “Contact” link above to send us a message about purchasing those courses and/or programs.

My Faithful Assistant offers a VIP Day, a scheduled one day event, for a one-on-one with Sherri to discuss finance, business building, system workflows and more.
My Faithful Assistant offers one-on-one business building workshop with Sherri to cover business launch to team building and everything in between.
My Faithful Assistant offers mentorship programs for those with an existing small business, or those who want to start a small business.
My Faithful Assistant offers business launch programs available with Sherri that will take you from business concept to opening your business; plus all things in between in preparation.
My Faithful Assistant offers a basic finance course. Whether you're 18 and just starting to work or you're an experienced adult, this finance class with Sherri will give you all the information you need to walk away with being in control of your finances.
My Faithful Assistant offers mentorship programs for those who want to build an online business management or virtual assistant business or would like an accountability partner with their existing online business management and virtual assistance business.