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Are you?

  • Ready to start a business online or one on Main Street USA?

  • Needing to implement or update your business processes for efficiency?

  • Interested in making money online with Affiliate Marketing?

  • Needing help with managing projects?

  • Needing help with creating | managing your online courses?

  • Needing help with business projections?

  • Needing help with maintaining your business?

  • Needing help with building up your business to the next level?

  • Needing help navigating the technology + programs needed for today’s businesses?

  • A business owner ready to retire?

Whether you’re wanting to start a service-based business, or are already an owner of one…My Faithful Assistant can offer you services that can support and manage your business.

Let’s define what service-based means:

  • A service you provide while being a home-based business owner

  • A service you provide from a brick-and-mortar facility

  • A service you provide | sell as an Independent Contractor

Ready to START your new business?

or…Interested in buying an existing one?

Allow me to break down the services we offer to get your business started into easy-to-grasp snippets of information so they can be helpful to you.

  • Brainstorm + Strategy Sessions

  • Budget Planning

  • Business Launch

  • Business Planning

  • Business Projections

  • Content Creation, Digital | Paper

  • Create Onboarding Procedures

  • Create Standard Operating Procedures

  • Create Structure

  • Create Team Training Materials

  • Create Workflows

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) Program

  • Database Management System

  • Document Creation

  • Email Setup

  • File Storage System

  • Graphic Design

  • Inventory Management Program

  • Invoicing + Bookkeeping Program

  • Lead Capture Program

  • Market Analysis

  • Onboarding Procedures for Clients or Teams

  • Payment Systems

  • Real Estate Market Research

  • Program Setup + Training or Management

  • Project Management Program

  • Social Media Setup | Optimization

  • Task Management Program

  • Technology + Program Training

  • Update Onboarding Processes + Manage

  • Web Conferencing Program

  • Website + Blog | eCommerce Build

Our goal at My Faithful Assistant is to make you and your business a success!

That’s why we are happy to be as hands-on OR as hands-off as you need us to be.

If you’d rather yourself or a team-member manage your business…….no worries…….we can set everything up and train you, or your team, to take it from there. And, if you ever need any help in the future, we are happy to be of assistance.

Or…if you prefer, we can setup your business and manage it from there….while you focus on revenue-producing priorities.

My Faithful Assistant offers services to assist you, no matter which end of the spectrum you’re in!

Whether your system processes aren’t working well…

Or you’re ready to take your business to the next level and need bigger systems in place to get you there…

We offer auditing of your existing processes, programs and workflows. Our audit will provide you with a report analysis along with suggestions on how to improve what you’ve already got in place. Our suggestions will include a budget for the improvements we recommend + projections on how to improve your bottom line.

Our audits can include programs you currently use. Workflows you currently have in process. Websites, blogs, social media and marketing you currently have in place.

If our audits reveal things that can be improved, we will always include recommendations, a budget and projections for efficiency + success.

If there are program recommendations, not only can we set them up for you…but we can train you, or one of your team members, on how to use the programs.

Or…if you’d prefer, we can setup the programs + manage your business entirely for you….or any part of it you wish.

Existing Business Owners:

This section is for you!

For those who are already in a service-based or are an Independent Contractor, you already know how much there is to do…….so allow me to break down the services we offer to grow or maintain your business.

  • Brainstorm + Strategy Sessions

  • Budgeting + Projections

  • Content Creation, Digital | Paper

  • Copywriting, Blog + Print Marketing

  • Create + Manage Website For Members

  • Creating + Managing Sales Funnels

  • Data Analysis

  • Digital Course Creation + Manage

  • Document Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Manage CRM Program

  • Manage Database Program

  • Manage Inventory + Products

  • Manage Lead Capture Program

  • Manage Marketing Digital + Paper

  • Manage Newsletter Program

  • Manage Payment Systems

  • Manage Projects + Tasks

  • Manage Social Media

  • Manage Website, Blog + eCommerce

  • Market Research Analysis For Growth

  • Program Setup + Training or Management

  • Profit + Loss Analysis

  • Real Estate Investment Course Creation | Manage

  • Real Estate Property Management Course Creation | Manage

  • Setup + Manage Affiliate Marketing

  • Social Media Audit

  • Streamline Processes

  • Systems Creation + Training or Management

  • Team Call Transcription

  • Technology + Program Training

  • Track + Analyze Business, Services + Statistics

  • Update Desktop Programs To Cloud Programs

  • Update Document Review + Signature Program

  • Update File Storage System For Growth

  • Update Invoicing + Bookkeeping For Growth

  • Update Onboarding Process

  • Update Standard Operating Procedures For Growth

  • Update Team Training Materials

  • Update Workflows For Growth + Efficiency

  • Web Conferencing Program

  • Website | Blog + eCommerce Audit

  • Website Analytics + Manage

Ready to Retire?

This section is for you!

For those who are ready to retire from their service-based or Independent Contractor business…….we offer services for you also.

You’re ready to move from business owner to retiree…….we get it. But, understand, that your business has value that another entrepreneur would LOVE. That entrepreneur can be wanting to start a business just like yours. Or, that entrepreneur can have an existing business, similar to yours, but would love the opportunity to take their business up a notch.

You’ve worked hard to get your business into a successful position. We congratulate you on your achievement. Now, let’s consider succession planning in order for you to reach your final business goals.

Succession planning will help you make sure your clients are well taken care of even after you’ve reached your goal of retirement.

  • Brainstorming Session

  • Business Analysis + Strategy

  • Business Auditing + Evaluation

  • Succession Planning