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Sherri Smith

Founder of My Faithful Assistant

At the time of creating My Faithful Assistant, in 2000, Sherri was a licensed Realtor® in Naples, Florida and a consultant for Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center in Columbus, Ohio.

As a small business owner herself, Sherri could fully understand the day-to-day tasks that consumed time without bringing in revenue.

She saw the need for a business model that could alleviate that type of stress for small business owners and quickly began creating one.

Since opening My Faithful Assistant, Sherri has helped bridge-the-gap between business systems and workflows for sole proprietors and small business owners.

“Business systems need to be efficient and effective without creating more work for the business owner. Workflows need to standardize any repetitive processes within the company in order to reduce time spent on them. Because, at the end of the day, time is money spent that can’t be regained for any type of small business”, says Sherri.

Some of My Faithful Assistant’s clients have been with them since the week they opened for business. Their success can be attributed to the team’s customer service, creativeness, honesty, reliability and ethics. It can also be attributed to Sherri’s business practices and the compassion she has for small business owners.

Sherri and the My Faithful Assistant team love what they do and it shows.

Fun fact:

Sherri wanted her business to reflect her personal relationship with Jesus and her faithfulness in serving Him and her clientele; hence My Faithful Assistant. 

Outside of the 20+ years as the owner of My Faithful Assistant, Sherri has over 15+ years in the real estate industry and over 30+ years in the specialized medical field of Orthotics & Prosthetics.


Client Coordinator

Brenda is the point-of-contact for every My Faithful Assistant client once a project begins. 

Brenda’s professional career spans over 20 years in medical billing, over 15 years in the financial field and over 10 years in the newspaper industry.


SubContractor Coordinator

Margie is the point-of-contact for every My Faithful Assistant team member working on client projects.

Margie’s professional career spans over 10 years in the administrative field of real estate, over 20 years in a various other positions within the real estate industry, and over 10 years in the specialized medical field of oncology.


Our SubContractors are hand-picked for their skills, ability, experience and professionalism.

Our Subs worked in the corporate world, but prefer to earn a living while working-from-home.

They are:

  • High School Graduates
  • College Graduates
  • Tech School Graduates
  • Experienced in their field

Their proficiencies include:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Bloggers
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business management
  • Business organization
  • Business planning
  • Content writers
  • Copywriters
  • Cost + income projections
  • Executive Assistants
  • Ghostwriters
  • Profit + loss analysis
  • Medical office coordinators
  • Medical transcriptionists
  • Medical claims billing
  • Proofreaders
  • QuickBooks bookkeeping software
  • Realtors
  • Researchers

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