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Product reviews:

We conduct product reviews when products or samples are provided by the sponsor. We prefer reviewing business products that will benefit our clientele or the services we can provide them. Business products such as software, office organization tools or business apps.

Podcasts + Radio:

My Faithful Assistant sponsors podcasts and radio shows that will benefit our clientele. Podcasts or radio shows that we would be interested in sponsoring are focused on:

  • Faith,
  • Business,
  • Finance,
  • Family,
  • Organization,
  • Time management,
  •  Marketing,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Hiring,
  • Online Business Management,
  • Virtual Assistance,
  • Product-based Businesses,
  • Service-based Businesses,
  • Nonprofits,
  • God-given gifts!

My Faithful Assistant welcomes podcast and radio interviews about the above topics as well.

Magazine + Newspaper

Sherri loves any opportunity to talk about My Faithful Assistant and their services offered.  She also loves any opportunity to talk about her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. #JesusIsKing

Official Bio:

Founded in 2000 by Sherri Smith, My Faithful Assistant builds, mentors and supports small business owners through online business management and virtual assistant services. Sherri specializes in mentoring women on how to develop their God-given gifts while building a business they love and can do from anywhere; all while supporting themselves and those they cherish. Sherri is a Christ-centered, serial entrepreneur who founded her first business in 1991 and has begun several others since opening My Faithful Assistant; all of which continue to thrive today.

My Faithful Assistant, Online Business Management, Virtual Assistance, Building Women Entrepreneurs

Sherri Smith