My Faithful Assistant is passionate about supporting Live Safe Ohio and their efforts to #EndSexTrafficking and #EndChildAbuse

My Faithful Assistant is proud to be a sponsor of Live Safe Ohio.

Live Safe Ohio is passionate about their goal to keep Ohioans safe. Live Safe Ohio offers non-lethal, self-defense products made by Damsel in Defense.

Damsel in Defense equips, empowers and educates women through their amazing Damsel’s so that they can protect themselves and their families with Damsel’s personal protection products.

Damsel in Defense helps women on a global scale. We support their efforts wholeheartedly through Live Safe Ohio.

Live Safe Ohio is on a mission to protect each family in Ohio. They believe that “Together, we can #ChangeOurStatistics, #EndSexTrafficking, #EndChildTrafficking, #EndHumanTrafficking, #EndDomesticViolence, #EndChildAbuse and #LiveSafeOhio.”

We would appreciate your joining this movement. We are stronger together!