Is Your Lead Management System The Best Type For Your Business?

Is Your Lead Management System The Best Type For Your Business?

Are you currently using a lead management system?

Is it the best type of lead management system for your business?

From independent contractors to large business owners – from product based to service based industries, a great lead management system is crucial.

Lead management systems don’t have to be expensive or difficult to operate. Why are there so many, you ask? There are a lot of different types of systems available on the market today because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for every business owner’s needs or every business model. Because there are so many, and many that offer similar features – the choices can be confusing.

The best one for each business type needs to include features that will benefit you and your business. Keep in mind, not every business owner uses their lead management system the same way.

We’ve become a mobile society, so having a lead management system that’s cloud-based and can function on your computer just as well as it can function on your mobile device is an absolute necessity anymore.

Keep in mind who is going to use the system after you purchase it.

  • Will it be you or an assistant?
  • Is the person who will be using it familiar with using lead management software?
  • Will they need training?
  • What about 24/7 on-call support?

As you can tell, there are a number of things to consider before making your purchase.

The most effective way to prevent leads from getting lost, discarded or ignored is to capture them with your lead management system. From there, you can

  • schedule them for an appointment and sync it with your calendar.
  • assign them to a business associate to contact.
  • set them up for follow-ups in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • even add them to your social media groups.

For the most part, leads don’t convert into a client immediately. That means they need to be followed up on or nurtured. Nurturing a lead manually can be time intensive. However, nurturing a lead through a lead management system can be easily setup and organized.

Using a lead management system effectively will bring positive results. But, as you may have guessed, not all business owners have the time to dedicate to just this part of their business.

That’s why they hire an assistant, like us. My Faithful Assistant can quickly and efficiently setup your lead management system in the way that’s going to be best for you to use.

We can then train you on how to use your system. Training you on the system doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use the system all on your own. Training, to us, means that we want you to know how to use your system on your own, if you ever need to. It also means you know where to go within the system to get the information you need to use…when you need to have it – or use it.

Not only can we setup your lead management system, train you on its features and on how to retrieve information from it, but we can also manage your system for you.

Having us manage your lead management system makes it an effective pipeline for your business. Why? Because we can take care of nurturing your leads and leave you to focus on closing deals and building your business.

Leads are the backbone of any business. Together, let’s make sure your leads and business opportunities don’t slip through the cracks. As your virtual business associate, we have a vested interested in making you and your business successful.

What type of lead management systems have you previously used? What were the pros and cons of them for your business needs?



My Faithful Assistant…Your Virtual Business Associate

My Faithful Assistant…Your Virtual Business Associate

My Faithful Assistant…Your Virtual Business Associate

Why should you hire My Faithful Assistant as your virtual business associate?

We have over 30 years of experience, combined, within various corporate fields. We also have over 17 years experience as a virtual assistant.

We focus our business on helping other small business owners. We can understand the struggles a small business owner has. Not only because we are a small business ourselves, but also because we’ve each experienced it in our previous careers.

On a daily basis, we communicate with small business owners. Small business owners who have a laundry list of reasons why their business isn’t growing as it should be.

We can appreciate and understand the desire to succeed from every type of business owner. We can also respect their ever mounting to do list. That daunting list really is a productivity killer.

The amount of small business owners who hire virtual assistants may be surprising. How can small businesses afford to outsource parts of their business, you ask? Because delegating business management tasks to a virtual assistant doesn’t require the cost of hiring an employee.

With today’s internet speeds, technical programs and cloud-based software, it’s now easier than ever to have a virtual business associate.

We surveyed our clientele to find out the best features My Faithful Assistant offers for their business management + virtual assistant needs. In hopes of better communicating to other small business owners the effectiveness of a virtual business associate, we thought we would publish our survey results.

Topping the list is:

Our clientele feel social media is a necessary evil. However, they feel it’s impossible for a small business owner to be everywhere at once.

We have to agree. It’s physically impossible to be active on social media while trying to build your business in other ways. Those other ways being; managing all aspects of your business, developing products, networking and following up on existing business and/or orders.

We typically provide to our clients the following services in conjunction with social media management:

Written content, visual graphics, analytics and a content calendar.

Our clientele feel having a business lead management system in place is critical. However, they didn’t feel it would benefit their productivity by adding that task back into their “to do” list.

Again, we have to agree with our clientele that lead generation is critical, especially for a small business. It’s time-intensive to cultivate new leads and follow-up on existing leads. And if leads aren’t kept in a business lead management system and are still kept manually, the process can be exhausting.

We typically provide the following services to our clients in conjunction with business lead management:

Contact management, database management and electronic newsletter management.

Our clientele realize blogging puts them in a leadership role to their customers and clients. However, even though they know its value, they don’t have the necessary time in their week to create the content.

Yet again, we are in complete agreement with our clients. The content you create online about your specific type of business gives existing clients and potential customers the realization that you’re an expert in your field. It doesn’t matter if a business is service based or product based. It also doesn’t matter what size the business is; small or large.

Granted, the content you create needs to have value to the target audience you’re trying to reach. By adding value to your content, your customers will turn into repeat clientele.

We typically provide the following services to our clients in conjunction with business lead management:

Written content, visual graphics, analytics and a content calendar. Blog management, website management, business lead management, social media management, contact management, database management, electronic newsletter management are also services we typically provide with blogging.

We hope our survey results help to better relate how My Faithful Assistant can be a benefit to any small business.

Having us as your virtual business associate can be the difference between growing your small business or letting your business run you.

Outsourcing to us will maximize the efforts to grow your business.

We want your business to be as much of a success as you do. That’s why we fully invest ourselves in our clientele.

What type of business duties are taking up your valuable time?


We Recommend WordPress For Business Blogs!

We Recommend WordPress For Business Blogs!

My Faithful Assistant Recommends WordPress For Business Blogs!

Taking your business online with a website or a blog is a smart business choice.

Considering WordPress as the tool for the job is also a smart business choice.

WordPress not only offers a practical platform for a full website, but it also offers a responsive blogging platform. With thousands of themes to choose from, along with thousands of plug-ins and widgets, WordPress can make building your website or blog a simple task.

WordPress themes can be modified to your existing branding, so even if you’re considering updating your website, WordPress would be my recommendation.

WordPress makes it easy to connect with social media and gives your followers a great way to stay connected with you.

WordPress themes even have a great mobile website that can be viewed by a hand-held device. And, as we know, mobile devices are quickly outnumbering website views over desktop machines.

WordPress also makes a great SEO tool, whether for a website or a blog.

Does your business have products or services to sell online? Would your business benefit from an online shopping cart? WordPress can cover that also.

Only YOU can answer that.

I highly recommend a website and blogging for businesses. If you don’t have the time to set them up, maintain them or create content for them…….hire a virtual assistant, such as My Faithful Assistant.

My Faithful Assistant provides website setup and maintenance, content creation, as well as blogging services.

Contact us to let us know your vision. We’ll be happy to help with the creativity too.

Do you have a WordPress website or blog? What are some of the features you love about WordPress?


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Big Step

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Big Step

We realize hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big step.

It’s a big step to trust anyone, when it comes to your business; let alone someone located remotely.

We ask new clients to give us ONE chance; a chance to complete a small project.

It may seem simple, but let’s face it…it’s those small projects that bog entrepreneurs down the most. Those small projects end up costing business owners time and money. Time and money that could be better spent in other areas of building their business.

As you’ve heard me say before, “Businesses cannot run effectively as a ‘one-man’ show. It’s impossible to own, manage, promote, prospect, and maintain your business without assistance….even in this age of technology”.

Give My Faithful Assistant a try.

We have an array of services available for businesses, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, individuals, innovators, non-profit organizations and start-ups.

We also offer a One Hour FREE Consultation and FREE estimate with each project.

Because we work remotely, as independent contractors, we can help save your business money. You will only pay for the services you need, when you need them. You won’t pay for any of the costs associated with having an employee.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business…and your trust.

Contact us today!

Have you ever worked with a virtual assistant before? If so, what were your fears before you hired them?


Organization Tip: Connect your iPhone and Tablet

Organization Tip: Connect your iPhone and Tablet

Technology keeps us connected better than we’ve ever been.

BUT, does it keep us organized?

Here’s an Organizational Tip to Connect your iPhone and Tablet!

In our business, like many others, organization keeps me from duplicating things, back-tracking to find what I need and helps me to remember what’s next on my schedule.

One of the ways I stay organized has been to connect my iPhone to my other electronic devices. For those of you that aren’t always sitting at your desk, this organizational tip may be helpful to you.

For those of you that haven’t heard this before, here’s how it works:

  • Turn on iCloud.
    Sign in with the Apple ID you used to create your account.
  • Select iCloud services.
    Click the checkbox beside the iCloud services you’d like to enable.

    • Services will be:
      iCloud Drive
      Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks

To be further organized, connect your calendar and document storage.

When you’re part of a business team, it’s important to keep your documents where everyone can access them.

It’s also important to know where other members of your team will be or to know what projects they’re working on. You can share your calendar or specific appointments to stay up-to-date.

Do you need help with your business management or organizational tasks? It’s time consuming to setup, maintain and manage all aspects of your business, let alone, your weekly project lists of things you need done.

If you need assistance with any type of technology or training, Contact Us for help!

We’re happy to provide a One Hour FREE Consultation and FREE estimate. If you’re budget conscientious, like most of us, we’re happy to setup a building block or stair step plan in order to get your goals accomplished…all within your budget!

What type of technology tricks do you perform that works best for you?


Client Appreciation: Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

Client Appreciation: Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

My Faithful Assistant wishes to say a special Thank You to Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, Inc.

Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, better known as COOPC by their patients, has been a leader in orthotic and prosthetic services in central Ohio since 1991 and a client of My Faithful Assistant since 2000, when we opened for business.

Fifteen years ago, Barry Fowler Sr came to us with a business plan to grow his company’s outreach. He also wanted to maintain the company’s strong commitment of conquering physical challenges and improving human capability in central Ohio.

One of the focuses Barry Fowler Sr had for COOPC was to keep in touch with patients’ in the way that was best for the patient. Through today’s technology and social media, that goal has been achieved. It’s now easier than ever for Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center’s patients to reach them.

We’ve completed a lot of projects over the years for Barry Fowler Sr and Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center and we’ve been honored to do so. We are happy Barry Fowler Sr reached out to us with his business plan fifteen years ago. We’re thrilled to see the growth the company has made. And we are honored to continue providing business services to COOPC.

We, of course, are unable to show you many of the special projects, marketing and business organization we’ve setup for Barry Fowler Sr and COOPC over the years. However, we are able to show you their website and social media profiles at

Please feel free to view their website and reach out to them on social media.

And if you or someone you know has an orthotic or prosthetic need, we highly recommend Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, Inc.

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve been providing services for your clientele?