Why we use Dubsado for business.

Dubsado is one of our tools that we use daily at MFA to manage our client projects, from start to finish. Not every business is going to use Dubsado in the same way. And, that’s one of the reasons we love Dubsado; because of its flexibility for many small businesses.

Home Based Business Services For Product-Based Businesses

Are you home-based business owner who makes products? This post is for you! I’m sure when you started your business, it was because you loved what you do. Am I right? But, at some point along the way, you likely got overwhelmed with ALL there is to do. It’s completely understandable. And, to be honest, completely expected. None of us can juggle ALL the to-do lists alone.

Is Your Lead Management System The Best Type For Your Business?

From independent contractors to large business owners – from product based to service based industries, a great lead management system is crucial. Lead management systems don’t have to be expensive or difficult to operate. Why are there so many, you ask? There are a lot of different types of systems available on the market today because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for every business owner’s needs or every business model. Because there are so many and many that offer similar features – the choices can be confusing.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Big Step

It’s a big step to trust anyone, when it comes to your business; let alone someone located remotely.
We ask new clients to give us ONE chance; a chance to complete a small project.
It may seem simple, but let’s face it…it’s those small projects that bog entrepreneurs down the most. Those small projects end up costing business owners time and money. Time and money that could be better spent in other areas of building their business.

Organization Tip: Connect your iPhone and Tablet

In our business, like many others, organization keeps me from duplicating things, back-tracking to find what I need and helps me to remember what’s next on my schedule. One of the ways I stay organized has been to connect my iPhone to my other electronic devices. For those of you that aren’t always sitting at your desk, this organizational tip may be helpful to you.

Virtual Assistant Services: NON-revenue Producing Tasks Can Be Outsourced to a Virtual Assistant

Even though My Faithful Assistant, LLC is located in Ohio, we can provide services to any individual or business…VIRTUALLY….through the latest technologies available.
My Faithful Assistant offers retainer packages for clients who prefer consistent support services every month or every year. We also offer project based packages for clients who only need services on occasion or for specific projects.

Virtual Assistant Services: For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Innovators, Non-profits and Start-ups

In order for your business to grow, you need to be productive and creative. It’s difficult to be both while you’re bogged down with the demands of being a business owner. Even with today’s advancements, it’s still impossible to own, manage, promote, prospect and maintain your business without assistance.

My Faithful Assistant For Hire

Our goal is to help your business succeed! Businesses are started by people who love what they do. However, what a business owner loves to do doesn’t typically include managing tasks that keep them from doing what they love. Those tasks pile up over time and ruin their productivity. That’s where we come in.