Do you ever feel that some seasons of your life are just unbalanced?

If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, I think there are many of us who can say we’ve felt unbalanced in business, with family life and with self-care over the last couple of years.

At My Faithful Assistant, we are on a mission to build women entrepreneurs and support them in their dreams of business ownership. Our specialty is women entrepreneurs in Ohio. However, not all of our clientele have businesses in Ohio…and not all are women.

Whether you’re a business owner who sells products, who offers services or are a nonprofit; allow me to summarize how we can be of service to you:

  • Online Business Management (OBM). We help entrepreneurs start their business. We help existing business owners optimize their current business and set it up for growth & expansion. We help manage daily tasks. We help manage monthly or special projects. We help implement & track budgets. We help implement & track business statistics. We help analyze profit/loss statements & make projections. We help business owners determine what makes them money & what improvements can be made in order to expand their bottom line. We are an extension of the business owner and will immerse ourselves in the owner’s mission, goals and end-vision for their business.
  • Virtual Assistance (VA). We help create tasks & projects that a business owner or their team doesn’t have time to do. We help organize those tasks or projects by priority in order to accomplish them for the business owner or their team. We help automate tasks & projects into an optimum workflow for the business owner or their team. We assist business owners, or their team members, through accomplishing tasks for them on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We also assist with projects in the same manner; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Most businesses are started by entrepreneurs because they have a passion for what they can offer the world through a service they can provide, a product they can make, or one they can direct-sell.

But let’s be real for a minute…….businesses can not be successful when you’re a one-person show. Whether you have a family or are single, there’s a lot of moving parts to any business model. And, when you spread yourself too thin, you’re likely not providing stellar service to your clients. You’re likely not able to be fully present with family or friends; let alone having the time to provide self-care to yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s needed. We need it to recharge us and balance us. Without those things, we’re left uninspired and that’s not good for any business owner.

MFA offers a free, 60-minute, discovery call to new customers. That 60 minutes gives us a chance to hear about your business and determine solutions where we can be of service; no matter if you want to start a new business venture, or expand an existing one. We will then email you a quote along with recommendations of where our OBM or VA services can be best utilized to build and/or support you and your business. We try and keep everything simple and direct so we can provide you with the best customer care.

MFA also offers a free, 60 minute, discovery call to existing clients for each new project or business venture. We want to immerse ourselves in your vision, your mission and your goals. From that discovery call, the onboarding process starts again with a quote along with recommendations of where our OBM or VA services can be best utilized. Keep in mind, we don’t have to have a discovery call each month for recurring projects. We do need them though for new projects, new tasks, new launches, and new ideas.

Since 2000, our servant hearts have truly loved helping women find and flourish in their God-given gifts.

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