How many great business ideas have you had?

How many great marketing ideas have you had?

Have you had time to finish them, or even start them?

The investment you make in a Virtual Assistant, even hiring one part-time, will give back to you the time you need to focus on revenue generating tasks…or even time to take a vacation!

There are many business tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. Services that are NON-revenue Producing Tasks.

How do you know when it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • If you aren’t able to reach your goals, it’s time for a virtual assistant.
  • If you aren’t able to prospect for new business and follow-up with your existing clients, it’s time for a virtual assistant.
  • If you don’t have time to manage your online presence (website or social media), it’s time for a virtual assistant.
  • If you want to finish that great business idea, or marketing idea, but don’t have the time….yes, it’s time for a virtual assistant.

I need your virtual assistant help…….now what?

Even though My Faithful Assistant, LLC is located in Ohio, we can provide services to any individual or business…VIRTUALLY….through the latest technologies available.

My Faithful Assistant offers retainer packages for clients who prefer consistent support services every month or every year. We also offer project based packages for clients who only need services on occasion or for specific projects.

Every client is unique in their needs and their goals. Therefore, we customize each package to every client. We also evolve the client’s package to their changing needs.

We are committed to our client’s deadlines for each project. Deadlines are setup during our client consultations and continual communication is kept throughout each project.

We keep in touch with each client in the way they prefer. Some prefer email, whereas some prefer phone, Skype or project management tools; such as DropBox. We will ask your preference during our consultation.

We offer a One Hour FREE Consultation. To setup a consultation time that fits your needs, please Contact us. We’ll answer any questions you have, as well as, ask questions of our own. We want to make sure we thoroughly understand your business goals.

Because each client’s needs are unique, we offer FREE estimates on each project. Once an estimate is approved, we’ll spell out each service that we’ll be performing, the cost and deadline in a contract. Every client is required to sign a contract and a 50% deposit is required before any service begins. Payments are processed through a secure, American online credit card processor.

Our services, which you’ll find on our home page, are not meant to be all-inclusive. If you don’t see the service you’re interested in, it doesn’t mean we don’t provide it. Feel free to ask us about your specific need.

My Faithful Assistant keeps each client’s information confidential. We will not sell your information or trade secrets, nor will we discuss them or the business services we provide for you. The creative services we provide each client are solely owned by those clients. We do not keep the creative rights to those services.

We have a vested interest in each client’s success and growth of their business. We believe in a team approach to our business with each client. That’s why you’ll receive a team approach to our business with you!

We realize your business is a reflection of who you are and what you value. Your professionalism, quality and dedication to your clients, as well as, the public will continue. Contact us and let’s make a plan to move forward together.

What are some of the non-revenue producing tasks that bog you down? Do you perform them on a daily basis, weekly or monthly?