Are you currently using a lead management system?

Is it the best type of lead management system for your business?

From independent contractors to large business owners – from product based to service based industries, a great lead management system is crucial.

Lead management systems don’t have to be expensive or difficult to operate. Why are there so many, you ask? There are a lot of different types of systems available on the market today because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for every business owner’s needs or every business model. Because there are so many, and many that offer similar features – the choices can be confusing.

The best one for each business type needs to include features that will benefit you and your business. Keep in mind, not every business owner uses their lead management system the same way.

We’ve become a mobile society, so having a lead management system that’s cloud-based and can function on your computer just as well as it can function on your mobile device is an absolute necessity anymore.

Keep in mind who is going to use the system after you purchase it.

  • Will it be you or an assistant?
  • Is the person who will be using it familiar with using lead management software?
  • Will they need training?
  • What about 24/7 on-call support?

As you can tell, there are a number of things to consider before making your purchase.

The most effective way to prevent leads from getting lost, discarded or ignored is to capture them with your lead management system. From there, you can

  • schedule them for an appointment and sync it with your calendar.
  • assign them to a business associate to contact.
  • set them up for follow-ups in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • even add them to your social media groups.

For the most part, leads don’t convert into a client immediately. That means they need to be followed up on or nurtured. Nurturing a lead manually can be time intensive. However, nurturing a lead through a lead management system can be easily setup and organized.

Using a lead management system effectively will bring positive results. But, as you may have guessed, not all business owners have the time to dedicate to just this part of their business.

That’s why they hire an assistant, like us. My Faithful Assistant can quickly and efficiently setup your lead management system in the way that’s going to be best for you to use.

We can then train you on how to use your system. Training you on the system doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use the system all on your own. Training, to us, means that we want you to know how to use your system on your own, if you ever need to. It also means you know where to go within the system to get the information you need to use…when you need to have it – or use it.

Not only can we setup your lead management system, train you on its features and on how to retrieve information from it, but we can also manage your system for you.

Having us manage your lead management system makes it an effective pipeline for your business. Why? Because we can take care of nurturing your leads and leave you to focus on closing deals and building your business.

Leads are the backbone of any business. Together, let’s make sure your leads and business opportunities don’t slip through the cracks. As your virtual business associate, we have a vested interested in making you and your business successful.

What type of lead management systems have you previously used? What were the pros and cons of them for your business needs?