Are you home-based business owner who makes products?

This post is for you!

I’m sure when you started your business, it was because you loved what you do. Am I right?

But, at some point along the way, you likely got overwhelmed with ALL there is to do. It’s completely understandable. And, to be honest, completely expected.

None of us can juggle ALL the to-do lists alone.

  • We can’t juggle all the incoming calls.
  • All the scheduling.
  • All the data entry.
  • All the capturing of leads.
  • All of the following-up.
  • All of the invoicing.
  • All of the payment collections.
  • All of the inventory management.
  • All of the content creation.
  • All of the social media.

ALL of the stuff involved in just doing business on a day-to-day basis.

And don’t get me started on factoring in life and the goings on in our day-to-day with immediate family, extended family, siblings, spouses…or just ourselves.

  • Scheduled or planned appointments at the Doctor.
  • The Dentist.
  • Our kids activities.
  • Parents who need our help.
  • And, the friends who stop-in for a visit…because you work from home!

Or…God forbid…throw in an unplanned event, such as a sick day. Talk about things being forced to be left undone at that point. The planned or scheduled day-to-day events can kinda be worked around. But those unplanned events REALLY throw things into chaos. Don’t they?

This is where we can be of assistance in your business. Even, on an as-needed basis.

Most of us start our business because we are passionate about what we make or what we can provide to others.

That love for what we do doesn’t always include the background knowledge of how to make our business organized or how to make our day efficient. And, believe it or not, time-management is actually a learned skill. It’s not something we are born with.

Time-management is something we can train people on. It’s also something we can gift you by providing services to your business.

Services we provide a product-based business owner can be simple. Or, they can be complex. To be quite frank, it all depends on each business owners specific need.

If you’re a new business owner, we are able to provide programs that put systems in place for your business to flow efficiently. For example: you get an order placed by phone, text, email or through your website. We can setup programs for that data entry to only be done once for that order. By capturing that lead through a lead-capture system. From there, we can setup an automatic email to go out to your customer that notifies them that you’ve received their order. If you don’t have a payment system in place or an invoice generation system in place…we can set that up for you. If you’ve already got it in place, we can connect that feature to a lead-capture system. Once your product is made, we can setup your shipping station. If you’ve got a shipping station in place, we can connect those features to your lead-capture system and notify your customer by an email that their order has been shipped; along with a tracking link for them to track the order. It can also print off a receipt or packing slip for you to add to the box you’re shipping to your customer. Once your customer has received their shipment, we can connect a Thank You email, a discount offer for their next order, a request for a referral (or even a discount), and we can connect a feedback request. We can also connect that customer to receive updates when there are new products available that they may be interested in.

We can also provide content creation for your social media accounts. We can also post on your social media accounts, which…let’s face it…is a time-saver in and of itself. Right?

Do you have an event planned for your products? Not only can we setup the event launch, but we can put all the back-end programs together to make sure all you have to focus on during your event is to talk with your customers face-to-face and makes sells. An event launch is a BIG deal and it can bring in substantial SELLS.

Do you have an existing website to showcase your products and to make sells from it? If not, we can create one for you. And, we can even manage it if you’d prefer. Online sells are becoming more prevalent in our world today, as you already know.

Do you have a team that you work with? We can get into a whole other level of service if you’re working with a team. That could include onboarding materials and training. Zoom calls. Transcription. Setting up your teams lead-capture programs….and the list can go further.

If you need more productive time in your day, contact us.

One of our specialities is providing online business management (OBM) and virtual assistant (VA) services to home-based business owners that make their own products to sell, or sell products as an independent contractor.