Have you ever wondered how some businesses can survive generation after generation?

Sustainability isn’t something that every business is built for.

Why don’t more businesses survive generation after generation? 

It takes vision. It takes planning. It takes execution of those plans.

This is in no way meant to shame anyone or their business. But, let’s get real for a few minutes…….most of us don’t have it ALL together when we dream of owning a business.

Product-based business owners love what they build by hand, grow by hand or direct-sell. We love how we feel when we provide those items we sell to others and totally “get” why others love those items as much as we do.

Service-based business owners love the services they provide and love being able to provide them to others who appreciate them just as much as we do.

We don’t think much past that part. We don’t think about building a foundation first. Supporting our finances as we build our business.

Our hope is to do what we love doing and providing it to people who appreciate it just as much. We also hope we can make a living at doing it.

Not all of us are gifted with a financial mindset about economic shifts, employment shifts, and market shifts. We set out to build a business now and those “shifts” are likely not thought about.

But, for a business to be sustainable they ALL need to be taken into consideration. 

Where is your business today? Are you setup for future generations to be handed over the reigns of business ownership? Are you setup for the shifts in the economy, in employment, in taxes, or in the real estate market?

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