How can you tell if we will be a good fit for each other?

We are American Patriots who are Born-again Christians.

Our personal and professional lives are based on our Christ-centered Faith and values.

Astrological Signs

Cancer + Leo


  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Committed
  • Dedicated
  • Highly intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Nurturing
  • Outstandingly imaginative
  • Protective
  • Retentive
  • Selfless


  • Big-heartedness
  • Brave
  • Determination
  • Dynamic
  • Generosity
  • Natural leadership
  • Self-confidence

Myers-Briggs Personality Trait

INFJ – The Advocate:

Advocates are the rarest personality types of all. Still, Advocates leave their mark on the world. They have a deep sense of idealism and integrity, but they aren’t idle dreamers – they take concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting impact.

Advocates strive to do what’s right – and they want to help create a world where others do the right thing as well. People with this personality type may feel called to use their strengths – including creativity, imagination, and sensitivity – to uplift others and spread compassion.

Advocates see helping others as their purpose in life.

Advocates may be reserved, but they communicate in a way that is warm and sensitive. This emotional honesty and insight can make a powerful impression on the people around them.

Advocates value deep, authentic relationships with others, and they tend to take great care with other people’s feelings.

Advocates (INFJs) tend to seek a career path that aligns with their values rather than one that offers status and material gain.

Advocates want to find meaning in their work and to know that they are helping and connecting with people.

Advocates can excel in a range of fields. Wherever they work, people with this personality type can find ways to help others. They can also find ways to use their creativity in nearly any position.

No matter what it says on their business cards, Advocates’ insight can enable them to spot unusual patterns and come up with out-of-the-box solutions, creating real change in others’ lives.

Advocates crave opportunities to learn and grow alongside the people they are helping. When this happens, Advocates may finally feel as if they are fulfilling their life’s mission, contributing to the well-being of humanity on a personal level.

Advocates (INFJs) have some specific needs when it comes to a satisfying work environment. People with this personality type want to know that their work helps people and promotes their own personal growth. This means that their work must be in line with their values, principles, and beliefs.

  • Creative
  • Insightful
  • Principled
  • Passionate
  • Altruistic

Enneagram 5

The Investigator

Fives are alert, insightful, and curious. They are able to concentrate and focus on developing complex ideas and skills.

  • Perceptive
  • Innovative
  • Inventive

We have named personality type Five The Investigator because, more than any other type, Fives want to find out why things are the way they are.

Knowledge, understanding, and insight are thus highly valued by Fives, because their identity is built around “having ideas” and being someone who has something unusual and insightful to say.

For this reason, Fives are not interested in exploring what is already familiar and well-established; rather, their attention is drawn to the unusual, the overlooked, the secret, the occult, the bizarre, the fantastic, the “unthinkable.”

Investigating “unknown territory”—knowing something that others do not know, or creating something that no one has ever experienced—allows Fives to have a niche for themselves that no one else occupies.

Enneagram 5w6:

The Problem Solver

  • Focused and well organized
  • Passion for learning and growing
  • Solving difficult or complex problems
  • Remain calm in times of crisis

Enneagram 5w4:

The Philosopher

  • Creative thinking and expression
  • Ability to work well independently
  • Observing and understanding small details
  • Deep level of focus and attentiveness


Sherri Smith

Founder of My Faithful Assistant

My Faithful Assistant was born in 2000, when Sherri realized her knowledge and skills could help alleviate stress in other business owners lives.

She has a number of business owners that have been clients for more than 19 years.

She loves what she does and it shows in her creativity, professionalism and dedication to her clients.

Contact Sherri today for a FREE One Hour Discovery Call + Consult.

She would love the opportunity to earn your business!

Sherri’s professional career includes:

  • Accounts payable,
  • Accounts receivable,
  • Business management,
  • Content marketing,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Employee manuals,
  • Freelance writing,
  • Ghostwriting,
  • Interviews,
  • Investor accounting,
  • Marketing coordinator,
  • Medical billing,
  • Medical research,
  • Newspaper articles,
  • Office management,
  • Print publications,
  • Product photography,
  • Product research,
  • Profit + Loss projections,
  • Project management,
  • Property management,
  • Real estate leasing,
  • Real estate sales,
  • Standard operating procedure creation,
  • Transcription services,
  • Website build + maintenance


Her proficiencies include:

  • Blog and website setup and management for product based and service based industries.
  • Bookkeeping / invoicing software.
  • Business management and organization, including business planning, cost / income projections, electronic file setup and management and profit / loss analysis.
  • Contact and database software setup and management.
  • eCommerce shopping cart website setup and management, including feedback requests, inventory tracking, product photography and descriptions, sales tax, shipping options, payment options and membership requirements.
  • Lead generation software setup and management.
  • Marketing coordinator, including affiliate marketing, eBook creation, eNewsletter creation and management, instructional video creation and print marketing.
  • Microsoft Office software, including Excel / PowerPoint / Publisher creations and Word documents.
  • Photography and video, including product photos, media management, video creation and management.
  • Project management, including consumer research, cost analysis, income projections, research and report analysis.
  • Research, including comparison / competitive research, industry, services, subjects and trade research.
  • Social media software and networks, including setup and management, ad campaigns, account branding, posting and scheduling, networking, promotions, contests, give-a-ways and raffles.
  • WordPress setup and management, including SEO keyword, content and tags, lead / sales / squeeze page creation and management, plugins, widgets and podcast / webinar setup and management.
  • Writing, including articles, case studies, client testimonials and interviews, content writing, ghostwriting, instructional manuals, medical transcription, press releases, product reviews, proofreading and trade writing.



Client Coordinator + SubContractor Coordinator

Brenda’s professional career spans over years in the banking industry; including:

  • Accounts payable,
  • Accounts receivable,
  • Banking; bookkeeping department,
  • Banking; loan department,
  • Bookkeeping + invoicing,
  • Human resources,
  • Medical billing,
  • Medical transcription,
  • Office management,
  • Profit + Loss analysis,
  • Real estate investor


Her proficiencies include:

  • Banking software, including loan and bookkeeping.
  • Business management and organization, including business planning, cost / income projections, electronic file setup and management and profit / loss analysis.
  • Medical office setup and management, including billing and reviews, human resource duties, pre-cert’s / pre-d’s / pa’s and reviews, medical research, medical transcription and writing, profit / loss analysis and accounts payable / receivable.
  • Microsoft Office software, including Excel / PowerPoint / Publisher creations and Word documents.
  • QuickBooks bookkeeping software.
  • Research, including comparison / competitive research, industry, medical, services, subjects and trade research.
  • Writing, including content writing, medical transcription, office handbook and proofreading.



Our SubContractors are hand-picked for their skills, ability, experience and professionalsim.

Our Subs worked in the corporate world, but prefer to earn a living while working-from-home.

They are:

  • High School Graduates,
  • College Graduates,
  • Tech School Gradutes,
  • Experienced in their field

Their proficiencies include:

  • Administrative Assistants,
  • Bloggers,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Business management,
  • Business organization,
  • Business planning,
  • Content writers,
  • Copywriters,
  • Cost + income projections,
  • Executive Assistants,
  • Ghostwriters,
  • Profit + loss analysis,
  • Medical office coordinators,
  • Medical transcriptionists,
  • Medical claims billings,
  • Proofreaders,
  • QuickBooks bookkeeping software,
  • Realtors,
  • Researchers