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Hey There! My name is Sherri Smith and I’m the Founder of My Faithful Assistant.

Because you landed on our site…I’m going to assume you need help with your business!

Allow me to get right to it and explain who we are and what we offer.

At My Faithful Assistant, we love helping other women, like ourselves, to build, develop and flourish in their God-given gifts. That is why women business owners are our focus and specialty.

…….just a side-note; you don’t have to be in Ohio to benefit from our services!

My Faithful Assistant - Sherri Smith, Principal Owner

What is an OBM?

OBM stands for Online Business Manager

OBM’s are utilized by existing business owners through management, strategy and implementation.

They’re considered more of an extension of the business owner because they will immerse themselves in the owner’s mission, goals and end vision for the company.

OBM’s are leaders, strategic thinkers and impact drivers.

An OBM manages aspects of any type of business.

  • Non-profits

  • Product-Based For Profit

  • Service-Based For Profit

An OBM manages businesses through:

Business management:

  • Manages day to day tasks, projects, metrics or operations for a business.

Project management:

  • Guiding a project from beginning to end, including tracking budgets.

Metrics management:

  • Analysis, statistics, projections, research, to determine if existing services | products or new products | services are money-makers and will improve a businesses bottom line.

What is a VA?

VA stands for Virtual Assistant

VA’s are utilized by new + existing business owners due to their skill-set of organizing, creating, and automating.

They assist the business owner, or one of their team members, through delegable tasks | projects that need to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

VA’s are operational experts and stay up-to-date on all the new technologies and techniques available for businesses to automate and thrive.


A VA offers support services for any type of business.

  • Non-profits

  • Product-Based For Profit

  • Service-Based For Profit

A VA supports businesses through:


  • Creates the tasks or projects that a business owner, or their team member, doesn’t have time…or doesn’t want to do.


  • Organizes tasks or projects by priority in order to accomplish them for the business owner or their team member.


  • Automates tasks or projects into a comprehensive workflow in order to get them accomplished by the owner, or team member’s deadline.

OBM’s + VA’s are invested in the success of their client’s business,

even though they differ in their skillsets + their approach

to helping the business owner or their team.

Business owners we’ve provided OBM + VA services to:

Small Business Owners who are Product-based + Service-based;  including Non-profits:

  • Accountant + Financial Providers

  • Architects

  • Auto Services

    + Providers

  • Business To Business

  • Consultants

  • Contractors + Builders

  • Direct Sales

  • Entertainment Outlets, Platforms + Providers

  • Event Coordinators + Venues

  • Fitness Facilities + Providers

  • Food Vendors, Restaurants + Markets

  • Home Décor + Furniture Retailers

  • Home Maintenance + Repair Providers

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Homeschool Educators + Tutors

  • Homeopathic Centers + Providers

  • Inspectors + Installers

  • Insurance

  • Legal Institutions + Providers

  • Medical Facilities + Providers

  • Men’s + Boy’s Shelters

  • Museums

  • Outdoor Venues

  • Pet Care Facilities + Providers

  • Photographers +Designers

  • Realtors®, Real Estate Investors + Property Managers

  • Retail Facilities + Providers

  • Senior Care Facilities + Providers

  • Start-ups

  • Title + Closing Companies

  • Tourist Attraction Providers + Venues

  • Transportation Centers + Providers

  • Writers + Authors

  • Women’s + Girl’s Shelters


Mentorship + Education

Are you interested in turning your passion into a sustainable business?

MFA offers a Business Launch Program that encompasses every aspect of starting your new business venture…from creation to launch.

We also offer a One-on-One Business Building Program to mentor those who’ve already started their OBM or VA business, but want to take it to a team-building level.

The Mentorship Program is one of our most popular programs because we cover everything from skillsets to niche building, finances to business succession and everything in-between.