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Social Media Strategies

You have to appreciate what social media can do for businesses, but do you have up to a 1/3 of your business day available to spend on social media alone? In order for social media marketing to carry weight and reach your target audience, it takes commitment and consistency.

With over 2 billion internet users on social media networks, there isn’t a business owner who won’t agree that social media marketing is a time-consuming and necessary evil. How many of those 2 billion internet users are your existing customers? How many of them can be new leads?

Over 90% of people search for businesses online before they ever step foot inside a brick and mortar location…can you afford for your business NOT to be on social media? Consider the amount of information alone that’s shared on social media between family, friends and coworkers. That sharing of information boils down to being the best recommendation a business can get. Why? Because it comes first hand from someone they trust!

Social media networks, however, do not fall into a “one-size fits all” category for every business. Contact us to structure a plan that will achieve the right social media goals for your specific business!

Below are some of the ways we can help you not miss out on potential customers!

Define Your Target Audience

Define Key Demographics

Define Potential Challenges

Create Fresh Content

Create Consistent Content

Create Educational and Informative Content

Focus on The Right Social Media Channels For Your Specific Business

Learn The Rules of Engagement

Nurture and Sustain Your Target Audience

Develop Consistent Patterns

Analyze Your Traffic

Analyze Your Engagement

Review Tactics While Building Your Following

Create Social Media Content Plan

Get Up-to-speed On Daily Events

Respond To Social Interactions

Post Scheduling

Social Media Management Programs

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Track Trends

Sherri Smith

Sherri Smith

Principal Owner

My Faithful Assistant Offers Business Management + Virtual Assistant Services.

The various business models we provide services to include: Academics, Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Innovators, Magazines, Newspapers, Non-profits, Photographers, Speakers / Presenters, Startups and Writers / Authors.

Thank you My Faithful Assistant for helping me grow my business! Your organization, ideas and marketing have made it possible for me to become full time in a career that I absolutely love. The shopping cart system you setup for me has been a huge time saver and cleared up all of my invoicing struggles. You continue to impress me. Thank you! – Bill, Scioto Haulers.

Sherri is one of the most creative and talented individuals that I know.  Her ideas are carefully thought out to maximize performance and exposure for her clients and her attention to detail is impeccable!  She will always be the ‘go to’ person for me when I need help in marketing and enhancing my business! – Agent Margie, Naples, Florida Realtor®.

I was hesitant on using an assistant, especially one that’s not close to me! Even though it was difficult for me in the beginning to learn how to delegate; it’s not difficult for me now! Your team has really turned my concept of an assistant around. Thank you for your patience and for giving me an incredible online presence!! – Tonya Z, Kansas Realtor®.

We Offer

System Setup

System Maintenance / Management

System Training