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Delegating and Balancing

Businesses cannot run effectively as a “one man show”. It is impossible to own, manage, promote, prospect and maintain your business without assistance….even in this age of technology.

We realize hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big step.

It’s a big step to trust anyone, when it comes to your business; let alone someone located remotely.

We ask new clients to give us ONE chance; a chance to complete a small project.

It may seem simple, but let’s face it…it’s those small projects that bog entrepreneurs down the most. Those small projects end up costing business owners time and money. Time and money that could be better spent in other areas of building their business.

The investment you make in a Virtual Assistant, even hiring one part-time, will give back to you the time you need to focus on revenue generating tasks…networking face-to-face…or even time to take a vacation!

How do you know when it’s time to hire a virtual assistant?

If You Aren’t Able To Reach Your Business Goals

If You Aren’t Able To Prospect For New Business

If You Aren’t Able To Follow-up With Your Existing Clients

If You Don’t Have Time To Manage Your Online Presence

If You Have A Great Business Idea, But No Time To Finish It…or…Start It

If You Have A Great Marketing Idea But No Time To Implement It

Have A List Of Non-revenue Producing Tasks That Consume Your Time

Have A List of Tasks That You Don’t Like To Do

Have A List Of Tasks That You Don’t Have Time To Learn How To Do

Have Business Systems in Place But No Time To Learn Them…Set Them Up…or Manage Them

When Working Hours Are Taking Over Your Life

When Your To Do List Gets Overwhelming

When Business Opportunities Are Falling Through The Cracks

When You Need To Save Time And Money

Sherri Smith

Sherri Smith

Principal Owner

My Faithful Assistant Offers Business Management, Virtual Assistant and Genealogical Services.

The various business models we provide services to include: Academics, Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Innovators, Magazines, Newspapers, Non-profits, Photographers, Speakers / Presenters, Startups and Writers / Authors.

Thank you My Faithful Assistant for helping me grow my business! Your organization, ideas and marketing have made it possible for me to become full time in a career that I absolutely love. The shopping cart system you setup for me has been a huge time saver and cleared up all of my invoicing struggles. You continue to impress me. Thank you! – Bill, Scioto Haulers.
Sherri is one of the most creative and talented individuals that I know.  Her ideas are carefully thought out to maximize performance and exposure for her clients and her attention to detail is impeccable!  She will always be the ‘go to’ person for me when I need help in marketing and enhancing my business! – Agent Margie, Naples, Florida Realtor®.
I was hesitant on using an assistant, especially one that’s not close to me! Even though it was difficult for me in the beginning to learn how to delegate; it’s not difficult for me now! Your team has really turned my concept of an assistant around. Thank you for your patience and for giving me an incredible online presence!! – Tonya Z, Kansas Realtor®.

We Offer

System Setup
System Maintenance / Management
System Training